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Our Faith In God Is A Very Serious Matter

In the event that you’ve been earnestly seeking and serving God for any length of time you should be quite familiar regarding the vital role that faith plays in the life of a believer. The type of faith that we’re exercising in God is representative of us reaching back to God on the basis of what He’s done on behalf of us through His only Son Jesus Christ. Truthfully, trusting God isn’t something that’s easy, especially when troubles hit. Nevertheless, faith is truly an element that is very powerful and life-changing. Faith when applied the right manner has the potential to transform people’s lives in a marvelous way. Additionally, there is a connection between the peace and strength that we experience in time of great distresses and the kind of faith we have in God.

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Dealing With Temptation In A Christlike Manner

Temptation is a very serious issue that we have to confront persistently in our walk with the Lord. Truthfully, nobody is above temptation. It’s the very means through which the enemy tries to make inroad into our lives in order to pull us away from God. The way that Satan operates is that he isn’t going to come forcefully in order to drag us into something contrary to what God wants us to do. However, we can be quite sure that in all his guile, he’ll use a much more subtle approach in order to entice us into sin. Therefore, we have to be very mindful of his schemes. The fundamental of temptation is laid upon Satan influencing us to consider doing or indulging into something that’s completely detestable and unacceptable in the sight of God as something that’s okay. 

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Living For Christ Must Be Our Top Priority

With respect to the excruciatingly painful sacrifice that Jesus has made for us on the cross, He didn’t do so in order for us to keep on doing the same wicked and evil things that we used to do prior to being saved. The foundation of our salvation is rested wholly on God going to the extreme in order to pull us out of the detrimental condition we used to live in, which penalty was spiritual death by granting us eternal life through Christ. The big problem was with our sinfulness to God that had both alienated and separated us from God by creating such a loathsome environment in our lives where our only desires were to practice the things that God hates to the core.

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