Our Faith In God Is A Very Serious Matter

In the event that you’ve been earnestly seeking and serving God for any length of time you should be quite familiar regarding the vital role that faith plays in the life of a believer. The type of faith that we’re exercising in God is representative of us reaching back to God on the basis of what He’s done on behalf of us through His only Son Jesus Christ. Truthfully, trusting God isn’t something that’s easy, especially when troubles hit. Nevertheless, faith is truly an element that is very powerful and life-changing. Faith when applied the right manner has the potential to transform people’s lives in a marvelous way. Additionally, there is a connection between the peace and strength that we experience in time of great distresses and the kind of faith we have in God.

Faith And Grace

Bear in mind, there is also a strong connection between both faith and God’s grace. The primary reason is that through Christ God has already made everything necessary available through the means of grace.  His grace is the very element through which we can inherit everything that He has promised us in His word. Through grace, we have everything that we need to enable us to live the type of life He wants us to live. However, we’re responsible to respond to that grace bestowed upon us by faith because that’s the sole thing that can release these things into our lives.

God in all His love for us as people whom He has made in His own image has already taken the first step by providing us something that’s sufficient to all of our needs. But, He’s patiently waiting for us to take our own responsibility by coming to Him on the ground of what was achieved for us. It’s quite interesting that it’s one of the areas that God has really refrained Himself in the context that He’ll never take any action on behalf of us that should be our own responsibility. Thereby, we’re left with no choice but to do what we’re supposed to do.

What Is Faith?

Faith is defined as the confidence in what we hope for along with assurance about what we do not see according to (Hebrews 11:1). It’s quite obvious for us to realize that once something can be seen with the natural eyes, then it can no longer be faith. God is the object of our faith; in other words, our faith is centered upon Him. Faith walks hand in hand with the word of God along with the promises found within. The word is truly what instructs us in a powerful how we can trust God. One thing that we can rely on heavily is the fact that our faith in God can never fail and will never fail because the very person that our faith is placed into can never fail.

Faith is the core foundation of our Christian life. As important obedience to God is, but faith is the starting point of obedience. According to scripture, salvation is obtained by grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8). This also means that salvation is readily available for everyone who is willing to receive it. The only thing required to get a hold of it is faith in Christ. Our whole life as believer from salvation to glorification is laid upon having faith in God

Since faith is the pathway to eternal life, people’s eternity will be decided by their disposition to believe in Christ or not. Our faith is actually the very substance that connects us with God. It’s also the substance that makes us reliable and trustworthy into the eyes of God. Lastly, it’s also of great importance to realize that without faith it’s impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6).

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